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Food Additives


I don’t eat chickens, cows or pigs. Not that I’m the most healthy guy on the block…my ass blends perfectly with the back of my legs after years of mastering the “sitting on my ass” style of Feng Shui. I only mention this to review an app…



Cube (which rhymes with boob)


I love Thanksgiving. It’s great to get together with friends and family and take some time off. One tradition that I love most, is a special movie that comes on television EVERY Thanksgiving day. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving? No. Guess again.





If I could give a trophy out each Halloween I would. Particularly to the kid this year that dressed as The Joker in a nurse’s outfit (ok, that was MY idea and I didn’t have the cash to go through with it. And I didn’t see it either…so take it, it’s yours). Alright, so no kid had my idea but I would give a trophy to the kid who dressed as a carrot. That kid had balls.



Oh Snap!


Not only am I nerd regarding “all things app” related (hell, all things iPhone related), I’m also into conspiracy theories. And who isn’t?! I frequent ATS each morning in hopes that one TRUE UFO video will appear. That said, being into conspiracies can make one a little paranoid.



Calling all Parallel Kingdom fans!!


Hello dear readers!! I’ve recently sent a letter to the developers of Parallel Kingdom asking if they would agree to a “Q & A” regarding, what I think, is one of the most unique games out. And kindly, they obliged. So please, send me any questions you’d like me to ask and I’ll gladly do so. Or reply to this post* if you’d rather not take the time to write an email. My email address is: iphoneappattack@gmail.com (Why don’t you just make a clickable link and not spell it out like that? Yes, Nathaniel, I KNOW. But I can’t get the link working right).

Also, due to the holiday season fast approaching, work has been surprisingly busy but I promise an avalanche of reviews will be coming soon. Stay tuned. And thanks for sending in all the requests…it’s always a pleasure hearing from my readers.



Michael Billingsworth Heraldeen Oswinton III


*for those of you who may be worried, the reason I ask for your email in my posts, is to dissuade spammers from posting on my site. I promise you I won’t send you any newsletter, obscene pictures, emails regarding my thesis on why the pinky toe lacks any functionality or any other bullshit for that matter. Post away!!!

Lemonade Stand


I’ll be the first to admit it, but I’m no Donald Trump when it comes to business. I have really poor work ethics and honestly, I’d fire myself if myself hired me. Wait, what? Never mind, I often make no sense. But at least I try to make some cents, yo! 



Trust me on this one!


Remember way back in the day, when your Uncle Rufus said to you, “Young Hazelle, please listen to me. Toilet paper will be THE thing of the future. People worldwide will love it and use it every day. Please remember this!” and yet you chose to ignore him, using leafs from the neighbor’s garden? Remember? And sure enough, two days later, you discover that everyone in the world was using toilet paper, just like Uncle Rufus predicted. You felt really dumb that day, I’d bet.



Pangea VR


For those with a new iPhone or iPod Touch I’d like to tell you about Pangea VR. I remember downloading it WAY back in the day, which could have been yesterday, come to think of it. It’s somewhat fallen behind the massive onslaught of all the new apps that are out but I feel as though it should be given another chance. It’s a fairly simple app that allows you to look around some certain destination in fully rendered 3D goodness. It kind of reminds me of when I use to just stand in one place and look around. I don’t do it very much anymore, but back in the day I was THE SHIT when it came to doing so. It’s free and certainly fun to mess with. I can’t remember if it works over Edge or not but I’d recommend Wifi anyways. Why no screenshot, you lazy bastard? Well, because it’s no longer on my iPhone but I REMEMBERED it this afternoon and wanted to tell you about it…that’s what counts. 


AppAttack :D



Parents are ignorant these days. And I don’t mean to offend parents when I say this…only the ignorant ones. Many of them have no clue what they’re kids are into these days. Hell, even I don’t! I thought Hanna Montana was a country!! HAHAHA!! LOL!! ROFL!! OMG!! LOL!! LMAO!! TCBY!!!!



SweepAttack #2 (Update)


Some of you have sent emails letting me know that my “SweepAttack” review process focuses more on apps that are not worth downloading, and less on apps that I recommend. I hear ya loud and clear and I’m “changing my ways”



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