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PK Q&A’s


Thank you guys for sending in your questions regarding Parallel Kingdom. If there’s any other questions you guys have, please email them to me by this evening as I plan to send all of them to the developer tomorrow. And continue asking for game reviews…I have plenty of apps and your asking helps me to decide. :D  



The AppAttack Team 


(Ok…there’s really no team here. Just me and Muffins. And sometimes my neighbor…but I never know if he’s actually in the room or just listening with a cup against the wall. Anyways, it sounds cool to say, doesn’t it?)

Blackbeard’s Assault the price of a Slush Puppy


Blackbeard’s Assault (on his mother who’s a complete bitch) is on sale for 99 pennies, I guess for the weekend? This is the one and only game (to my recollection) that I have played from beginning to end. AND I plan on beating it on Hard next time I drop a deuce. If you have a dollar and have not been listening to me, get this game.



I hate skateboarders.

Love Life


I met Jennifer Love Hewitt on the set of Party of Five during the summer of ’96. My job at the time was to make sure the square blocks of cheese on the refreshments table didn’t melt together. Being in California, the weather can get pretty hot. She had just finished shooting a scene and was in desperate need of some Skittles and a glass of water.



SweepAttack #3



SweepAttack #3

SweepAttack #3


I almost forgot today’s SweepAttack…crazy holidays. The above screenshot is a list of apps that I couldn’t stop playing this week. Starting with BlackBeard’s Assault and ending in Cube, they go from “most played” to “least played”…I know, brain surgery. In the near future I’m going to write reviews over Snail Mail and Touchgrind. I was a sucka Wednesday when all three (1112 being the third) apps were released. If there was some little pill I could take that would stop me from being an impulsive buyer…I still wouldn’t take it cuz drugs are bad! Stay in School!!


SweepAttack :D



A few months ago, my girlfriend and I decided to go in on an art studio together. It’s basically a mall that has been gutted and where each store once was, is now someone’s gallery. She loves to oil paint and when I’m not touching myself, I enjoy watercoloring.



Happy Thanksgiving!


I wanna wish you and your family/friends a HAPPY Thanksgiving!! I know I have a lot to be thankful for and I’m sure you do too. First off, I’m thankful you’re reading this :D I hope you have fun when reading my posts. I wouldn’t read them myself, but I appreciate the fact that you do. I was a sucka yesterday and downloaded 3 games that I’ve been looking forward to. I hope to tell you about them soon but for now, I’m gonna spend some time with friends and family. And I hope you do too…put down your iPhone ;) !!


Like most people with an iPhone, when you talk, I’m not listening. I’m busy typing away a text message, zooming in on Heidi Klum’s body, playing a game, checking stocks, looking for the right wallpaper or blogging…which I’m doing now. WordPress is a mobile version of the blogging website. You can access your most recent posts (old ones too) and you can create new ones, like I’m doing now. Sad part is, the customer talking to me right now thinks I’m busy typing an email to their client (who’s suing them for indecency with a sandwich)…and I’m NOT!! Hahahaha!! I’m blogging beyotch!! I’m also not a lawyer…

AppAttack :D

Spin when your Spun


It’s 3:17AM. You PROMISED your girlfriend/boyfriend that you’d be home early but hey, it’s your bestfriend’s LAST day to truly party before they spend the rest of their life with someone they really know nothing about. Now, miraculously, you’ve arrived at your front door. What do you do?



Art Envi


We’ve all enjoyed going to the art museum. Not so much for the artwork, per se, but more so for the fact that we wonder, in our dark little minds, if we could take on the 80 year old guard that’s guarding that “masterpiece” that could pay our monthly rent for the next 2 years.



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