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Koi Pond



You have this. I’m almost certain you do. You downloaded it, played with it for a minute, then took it off of your phone. Now it swims quietly in your App folder. This application was in the top 10 for a LONG time. Some may argue they wasted their 99c, others may be glad they glanced at it for a few. This app is worth it I have to say. Not because YOU will enjoy playing with it, but that THEY will enjoy playing with it. (more…)

We need to talk…

It’s located in the “About” section of this website but I thought I’d put it here for all to see. My email address is iphoneappattack@gmail.com. Feel free to send me any questions or suggestions you may have. Like I’ve said, I love the iPhone and as soon as the App store opened, I downloaded almost everything. I would love to help you out on any future purchase you may be considering. It’s been a busy weekend but I’ll post more soon…take care.

Virtual Villagers



Here’s a quick review of an app that’s fairly popular in the iTunes store. It’s called “Virtual Villagers: A New Home“. In the game, your job is to watch over a recently stranded group of people and make sure they learn how to adapt to their new island. From farming, to house building, to fishing to making sweet, sweet whoopee, it’s your job that they survive. (more…)

Loot Wars

My FIRST review!! Let’s see how this goes…



A fun game you don't play

A fun game you don't play



The first and most recent game I would like to write about is Loot Wars. (On a side note, my Photoshop program isn’t running properly so yes, my phone carrier is AT&T, I took these images recently and I have a full battery…it’s almost like being naked for all to see!!). I couldn’t recommend this game enough. But there is a catch…I would only recommend it to you if (and only if) you have a friend with an iPhone. It can still be fun by yourself, but having a friend play along makes it much more enjoyable. 







One more note

Another point I would like to add is that I will not be covering ALL iTunes apps. There are WAY TOO many apps both good and bad that other websites comment on. For the most part, I will only be talking about applications that I feel are well worth their price or time. Every now and then I will talk about some that are an absolute waste of money/time and should be avoided at all costs. If there are certain apps you are curious about, please feel free to email me and I’ll either post about them or reply to your letter. I have downloaded MANY apps so there will be a lot to talk about soon. Stay tuned…

Getting stuff off my chest (or should I say Springboard?)

If you’re like me, you like love you’re iPhone. And if you’re like me you’ve almost broke the bank by downloading every App that looks appealing. Since the day I purchased the iPhone I can’t keep my hands off of it. Most recently I purchased the 3G because my original iPhone’s battery life was almost nonexistent from overuse. It’s such a wonderful gadget. With the help of my brother, I’ve decided to create a website about my (more…)

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