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Happy All Hallows Eve!! (or Halloween)


I’m so excited today’s Halloween!! I love this holiday…nothing like dressing up in a cool outfit and scaring friends and family. You know, putting the family deer trophy head in the icebox to scare the living crap outta Grandma. Who DOESN’T like Halloween?! Not to mention the candy. I was going to post about some Halloween apps but I figured by the time you read this, you won’t wanna download any. And besides, I didn’t download any myself. So I would be lying to you if I reviewed an app I didn’t have…and what kind of a friend would THAT be? Not a good one, mister. So tomorrow I hope to share with you some more reviews…and remember, if you want to know about any Application, I have PLENTY. So email me: iphoneappattack@gmail.com and I’ll gladly post them here. For now, I gotta get some candy…have a great Halloween and be safe!!!



Real Soccer 2009 is a game I have but I never play it. I bought it a long time ago when it was $10 and I…hmm? What’s that? Really? You say it’s STILL ten dollars? But, I bought it a long time ago…like I said. Seriously? Ten bucks STILL?! Alright…if you say so. I bought it a long recently  yesterday next Wednesday  when I bought it, and it costs me ten US dollars. It’s a very well made game. It has the names of real players (I think, I don’t know all of them), it has good controls and the sound effects are brilliant. The crowd roars, they sing songs, you can hear when players head-butt each other in the face and see blood pouring from their nose, it’s a really neat game. (more…)

2 Games You Already Have


Well, maybe YOU have these games already but there’s that lone stranger who just bought an iPod Touch/iPhone that has no clue about them. Most likely because I don’t think they’re as popular as when they first came out. The games I’m talking about are Papi Jump and Trace. Still there? OK…I see that YOU are the lone stranger with a brand new toy. Let’s talk. (more…)

Tap Tap NIN Edition

OK…I’m gonna be late for work but I’m too excited. In fact, I wet myself. Perhaps that will be my excuse for being late? Tap Tap NIN Edition came out sometime last night. I downloaded via WiFi to my phone and ended up going to bed late, now I’m running late, but it’s all worth it in the end. I’m not really a fan of the first Tap Tap game. There’s a song (I think the first song you play) and a man’s voice chimes in saying things like “Mmmhmm” and “Yeahhh”. It sounds creepy. Like some old pervert is looking over your shoulder when you’re playing, getting turned on by the whole experience. Yuck. (more…)


Two games today had a price cut: Kroll and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed


Government Issued Cheese

I found this little gem last weekend. It’s a shame this game has not made as big of a splash as it should. I guess I’m on a streak here of “games you can play in two seconds” so I guess I’ll talk about this one.




Better to Listen than to Speak

This game is for the time your girlfriend, mother, best friend, telemarketer, me…etc. ramble. It’s a game you quickly start up, see if you can stack’em to the top, then be on your way. A great, quick little distraction that can be picked up anytime. The price is perfect and the quality of game is excellent. Each block is a unique character that has their own facial expressions (that actually help with placement…SHHH!!).


Flying a Cargo plane sans…





Before I call it a day (yes, I’m a wimp…but it’s Monday for crying out loud!!! I say that, but honestly, I hate Tuesdays the most…whole other blog…) I want to share with you two podcasts I listen to that regard the iPhone:


Tender age in Bloom



While I’m on the topic of apps designed to help you “relax”, I want to bring to your attention Bloom. Designed by Brian Eno and his buddy I can’t honestly say what this app is. If you’ve ever listened to Brian Eno’s album “Music For Airports” then you know exactly what this guy is all about. He makes ambient music that you really don’t hear, come to think of it. It’s music you turn on and forget about while driving down the street only to realize that you have music on in the first place. (more…)

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