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Getting Fixed


My dear brother helped me fix my WordPress setup so in the very near future I can provide you with more images to go along with my posts. So to Jonathan I say, Thanks! and I look forward to providing some better screenshots for all of you. In fact, read my Backgrounds post and I’ll show you my wallpaper that I find nifty. Talk to you soon and thanks again bro!!

Dr. Awesome


Here’s a letter I recently received from a fellow reader. Her name is Karen Donald from Ontario, Canada. Thanks for writing Karen!



One more note

Another point I would like to add is that I will not be covering ALL iTunes apps. There are WAY TOO many apps both good and bad that other websites comment on. For the most part, I will only be talking about applications that I feel are well worth their price or time. Every now and then I will talk about some that are an absolute waste of money/time and should be avoided at all costs. If there are certain apps you are curious about, please feel free to email me and I’ll either post about them or reply to your letter. I have downloaded MANY apps so there will be a lot to talk about soon. Stay tuned…

Getting stuff off my chest (or should I say Springboard?)

If you’re like me, you like love you’re iPhone. And if you’re like me you’ve almost broke the bank by downloading every App that looks appealing. Since the day I purchased the iPhone I can’t keep my hands off of it. Most recently I purchased the 3G because my original iPhone’s battery life was almost nonexistent from overuse. It’s such a wonderful gadget. With the help of my brother, I’ve decided to create a website about my (more…)

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