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Men in Blue


My buddy Frank is a cop. Each weekend we get together and have a few beers and talk/play Xbox. And all of his buddies are cops so when we party, I’m somewhat on edge, wondering if I’m going to get arrested when I walk out the door. What’s fun about hanging out with them is that I learn more about what’s going on in my city as opposed to what the local (crap) news has lead me to believe. It’s not always pleasant to hear what goes on, but it’s interesting. That being said, I won’t make any jokes about cops…it’s a tough job but somebody has to do it. Trapster (iTunes link) is an application that allows you to see where cops are in your city. If whoever tagged the location is telling the truth, you have a “heads up” as to what route you should take going home. On the flip side which I don’t think anyone’s thought of, it also shows you where cops may be in case of some emergency. And you thought I was a dumbass piece of shit asshole? (Alright, because I slept with your sister I am indeed an asshole, but I’m not a dumbass).


AppAttack :D      

Google Earth & Google Mobile App


Google has kicked a lot of ass recently in the world of business. There’s the Google search engine, Gmail, Google Earth/Moon/Space/Nostril, Google Map, the recent Android…hell, Google even owns your grandmother.


Spooning Jarvis


Alright…the title of this post has NOTHING to do with an app I’d like to talk about. But it ties in with a previous post so if you’ve been reading along properly, you understand. Moving on: Where I live, you can’t find much of anything when it comes to restaurants. You know where the locals eat but they’re all “touristy” and not that great. (more…)

Attention Developers!

If you have created an iPhone Application and would like me to review it, please send me an email. I’ll gladly buy your App and give it a review. The ONLY expense you’ll pay is my honest review :) . (Or, if you’d like for me to give you personal feedback via private emails, I will be glad to do so as well). I downloaded the SDK myself, in hopes of developing the App of my dreams and it all went down the crapper. I understand how hard programming can be so I’ll be nice.

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