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Attention Developers!

If you have created an iPhone Application and would like me to review it, please send me an email. I’ll gladly buy your App and give it a review. The ONLY expense you’ll pay is my honest review :) . (Or, if you’d like for me to give you personal feedback via private emails, I will be glad to do so as well). I downloaded the SDK myself, in hopes of developing the App of my dreams and it all went down the crapper. I understand how hard programming can be so I’ll be nice.

Tender age in Bloom



While I’m on the topic of apps designed to help you “relax”, I want to bring to your attention Bloom. Designed by Brian Eno and his buddy I can’t honestly say what this app is. If you’ve ever listened to Brian Eno’s album “Music For Airports” then you know exactly what this guy is all about. He makes ambient music that you really don’t hear, come to think of it. It’s music you turn on and forget about while driving down the street only to realize that you have music on in the first place. (more…)

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