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Extra! Extra!

A few days ago, Grandma was asked by her bridge party to create a monthly newsletter. Cheryl, the president of the bridge party, had asked that I keep an eye on what Grandma was writing about, and that I proofread her work. I gladly accepted the parental duties and secretly read what she had written in her notebook late at night, after she had gone to bed.


Perfect Strangers

MY GOSH!!!! It’s been busy as hell around here. I thought you lived in a van behind your grandmother’s house, how busy could you possibly be, you ask? Well, besides telling you about apps that I find worth your fancy, I also have a day job. Well…I say “job”. All I really do is putt around on a scooter shooting people who don’t pick up their dog’s shit with a slingshot, but still I consider work no less. It’s like your job is any better….asshole. Anyways, I have several apps that I’ve delved deeply into (when I have the time) recently and would like to tell you all about them so check back soon. (If you’ve come here each day since August, cussing my name for not telling you anything new, THANKS!! I appreciate you readers who check on me from time to time). Hell, Grandma hasn’t brought me any macaroni & cheese for TWO WEEKS now?! Come to think of it, last time I saw her I gave her a box of vodka to celebrate her receiving a trophy at her local bowling league. Maybe I should check on her? See ya soon!!

Interior Decorating

Hey, wassup?! This past weekend went by too quickly…and I didn’t even do anything?! I think a holiday is around the corner so I can’t complain too much, I guess. That being said, I have a lot of crap I gotta do today that I didn’t do this weekend SO, very quickly, I’ll point you in another direction. Perhaps as a way of distracting you for the time being until I tell you about a few apps that helped me blow off said past weekend. Are you like me where you change your wallpaper every time your neighbor’s dog farts? If so, click here. I stumbled across this site a few days ago. It’s chockfull of wallpapers and I’m sure you’ll find one you like. Speaking of…what do you think these clouds look like? I’ll tell you what I think…


2 Peas in an (i)Pod

There’s two different ways I’m going to tell you about this. I told you awhile back about the application Body Talk (iTunes). It’s an application that I love love love because it deals with body language and helps you “read” or pick up what people are really saying. I’m reading all the books I can on the subject after falling love with the show Lie to Me. It’s fascinating and exciting when you can detect when someone’s lying to you or not acting like their usual self. I LOVE it so…let me tell you.

The developers of Body Talk have released an update to their already well made app. With the new update comes a few more signals people do along with all NEW video. WHICH MEANS that the girl (as shown in the above photo) is no longer dating the guy from the previous version!!! If this happens to be the case, then please hit me up on Twitter or shoot me an email ;-)  I’d be more than happy to buy you a cup of coffee sometime or maybe we could meet up in New York and feed pigeons? Holla at me!!! Unless…

This new guy is her boyfriend. In that case, dude I was simply asking her out for coffee and meant nothing by it. I just happened to notice the other guy was no longer around so I thought I’d ask. Seriously, I meant no harm. I would totally not be lame like that and do such a stupid thing. Besides, you’re way better looking than I am plus you could kick my ass pretty easily. Are we cool? Yeah? Can I buy you a beer? Sweet, I know a great pub down the street that has Heineken on tap…you’ll love it.

AppAttack :D

PS: They have another application out that I love just as much as Body Talk I’ll tell you about tomorrow. I gotta shave Muffins tonight and stop by the liquor store for grandma. Stay tuned though…it’s another hot one you’ll wanna pick up!!!

Don’t Worry, Be Appy

See what I did there? Kinda clever, huh? Didn’t think so. Even I don’t think I’m clever half the time. It stresses me out. Speaking of stress, 27 Steps For A Stress Free Life (iTunes) is a FREE application that helps you manage the stressors in your day to day life. It’s simply 27 different ways that may help you take a load off but what I like most is that it has some kick ass pictures. See below for details.

And I am clever, I don’t care what you say…

AppAttack :D

Work Related


Because this post involves discussing work, I can’t find anything funny to say (honestly, who wants to talk about work?! It’s not like the guy from Taco Bell comes home to his wife to discuss the “next big thing” the head honchos in charge are going to come out with next…who cares?). But because a friend told me about it, I feel the need to tell you about it. It’s called Zillow Real Estate (iTunes link). If you’re in the building/housing/real estate…etc business than you owe it to yourself to check this out (it’s free). Hell, if you and that hot wife of yours are looking for a new house this year, you should check it out as well!! You simply open the application, say “yes” when it gets nosey and asks to use your current location, and soon you’ll start to see home prices in whatever neighborhood you happen to be in. Shit, like I said, I don’t wanna talk about work…it’s Friday. I should be talking about drinking beer and playing strip poker with my friends at the retirement home. Go here to see this app in action.


AppAttack :D    

A Game That Needs No Review




What About Love?


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. You can’t help but notice the oversized Valentine cards, the pink teddy bears, the heart-shaped balloons and Peggy (the fat, smelly woman in the cubicle three squares down) cry when she receives the flowers she sent to herself from online last week. Indeed, Cupid’s arrow is headed your way. 



My mother moved a lot when I was in high school. Unfortunately, we moved to a city where I got picked on by this guy named John and all his buddies. They were relentless when it came to harassing me. It wasn’t until our kind neighbor, a man fascinated by bonsai trees, did I learn how to stick up for myself.


Ask anyone I know, I love sushi. If I could eat it every day I would. But I can’t because I’m a sucka that drops $10 on an app because I have ADD and therefor cannot afford to eat. SushiMonger is a well implemented instruction manual to help show you what you’re ordering when dining at your local sushi bar. (more…)

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