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Chick In The Notebook Was Hot


There’s an application that came with your phone you may or may not use on a daily basis. “That shit is whack, yo! The only app I need these days is Wobble!!!”, you retort as you get your jiggle on.

Philip Revisited (Update)


Awhile back I shared with you the secret fetish of my childhood friend Philip. At least once every two months since that post, I receive an email asking me about him and his Garfield loving ways.

Dear Abby


Below is a heartwarming email I wanted to share with you, being the holiday season and all. It’s always wonderful to hear positive words from complete strangers. Sometimes, the world really does seem small.



Blue (Maybe Maroon?) Christmas


They say the holiday season is depressing for many people. I know exactly what they mean…




For all you proud new iPhone owners, you don’t realize how hard it was back in the day to get that cute I Can Haz Cheezburger picture just right so you could show all your coworkers. It took time and effort. 

Christmas Calendar


I meant to get this out a lot sooner than now…I apologize. Once again, a holiday is quickly approaching us and once again, many developers are releasing “holiday themed” applications.



Daydream Believer


I love to daydream. It’s something that I have perfected the art of. Crossing the street, am I looking both ways? Hell no, I’m imagining what it’d be like to date a ballerina. Talking on the phone to my great Aunt, am I paying attention? Hell no, I’m wondering what’d it’d be like if J. Love Hewitt’s limo broke down outside of my parent’s house. It’s just something that I do…and I do it well.





I met Philip on the playground during recess while failing my fifth grade year of Elementary School. He was hitting himself in the penis with his lunchbox. I pulled him aside and told him how unhealthy his behavior was and we’ve been BFF’s ever since.


Movie Challenge

If you know me, you know I LOVE movies. They’re my life, sadly. One reason I love places like San Francisco and Austin, is because there’s something to do all the time. You don’t think of renting a movie. Where I live, there’s nothing to do except watch movies. I have “Movie Night” with the fellas and it’s something I look forward to each week because we all love film. We all consider ourselves movie buffs (me being the smartest, of course). (more…)

All Apologies

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