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Extra! Extra!

A few days ago, Grandma was asked by her bridge party to create a monthly newsletter. Cheryl, the president of the bridge party, had asked that I keep an eye on what Grandma was writing about, and that I proofread her work. I gladly accepted the parental duties and secretly read what she had written in her notebook late at night, after she had gone to bed.


What About Love?


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. You can’t help but notice the oversized Valentine cards, the pink teddy bears, the heart-shaped balloons and Peggy (the fat, smelly woman in the cubicle three squares down) cry when she receives the flowers she sent to herself from online last week. Indeed, Cupid’s arrow is headed your way. 

Seeing Stars


About two summers ago I decided that I would get into the amazing world of astronomy. I’ve always had a love for Space and have been eternally curious as to “what’s out there?”. More so for the whole alien/extraterrestrial theories but none the less, space is where “they” are so I wanna see it.



Attention Developers!

If you have created an iPhone Application and would like me to review it, please send me an email. I’ll gladly buy your App and give it a review. The ONLY expense you’ll pay is my honest review :) . (Or, if you’d like for me to give you personal feedback via private emails, I will be glad to do so as well). I downloaded the SDK myself, in hopes of developing the App of my dreams and it all went down the crapper. I understand how hard programming can be so I’ll be nice.

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