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We Got the Beat

If you haven’t already picked the South By Southwest (SXSW) sampler in iTunes yet, do so NOW (iTunes link). I don’t know how long it will be FREE so jump on it! I haven’t come across one crappy song yet (highlights being “Post Break-up Sex” by The Vaccines and “Another Like You” by Hayes Caril. I also really like “Mirrorage” by Glasser). It’s a huge mix of different styles, similar I assume to listening to the radio nowadays (I can’t remember the last time I actually sat and listened to a radio station. Do they even make those anymore?). So go give it a spin and thank me later.


AppAttack :-D

Interior Decorating

Hey, wassup?! This past weekend went by too quickly…and I didn’t even do anything?! I think a holiday is around the corner so I can’t complain too much, I guess. That being said, I have a lot of crap I gotta do today that I didn’t do this weekend SO, very quickly, I’ll point you in another direction. Perhaps as a way of distracting you for the time being until I tell you about a few apps that helped me blow off said past weekend. Are you like me where you change your wallpaper every time your neighbor’s dog farts? If so, click here. I stumbled across this site a few days ago. It’s chockfull of wallpapers and I’m sure you’ll find one you like. Speaking of…what do you think these clouds look like? I’ll tell you what I think…


Please visit me in prison


OK. I’m not really going to prison. But I do want you to please visit: 148Apps. It’s an application review website that does what I do, only, they don’t do what I do. They actually give quick, precise reviews with fancy pictures and even a rating system. They don’t tell you about the time Uncle Ronald sharked your grandmother while she was going on and on about her bridge party. That’s what I’m here for. So if you want nice solid reviews, go there. But if you want to hear more stories about living life on the road at the tender age of 64, come back here. I’ve got plenty to tell ya. 


AppAttack :D

iPhone/iPod Touch 2.2 Firmware is out…


Not that you get your leading news from me, but for those that may have clicked here by accident, I thought I’d tell ya. Personally, I have updated my Touch which is exciting…now if you visit this site on your iPhone or iPod Touch, the links that I have will take you to the applications in the App store. HOORAY!! I’m holding off on updating my phone sadly, because I’m a naughty jailbreaker and a complete moron when it comes to technology. (For the record, I have only jailbroken my phone to change the “look” of it. I don’t know enough how to do all the cool stuff). Happy Friday for everyone…cupcakes on me!!

Starflyer 59

This has absolutely NOTHING to do with iPhone/iPod Touch applications, but I must spread the word on a band I’ve loved since my high school days. The band is Starflyer 59 and their latest album is titled “Dial M“. Like all of their previous albums, I have fallen in love with this one. But for all the different reasons I had in the past. Lyrics have never been a strong point in Jason Martin’s song writing so I’ve often ignored them. But this album is different. (more…)

Attention Developers!

If you have created an iPhone Application and would like me to review it, please send me an email. I’ll gladly buy your App and give it a review. The ONLY expense you’ll pay is my honest review :) . (Or, if you’d like for me to give you personal feedback via private emails, I will be glad to do so as well). I downloaded the SDK myself, in hopes of developing the App of my dreams and it all went down the crapper. I understand how hard programming can be so I’ll be nice.

A quick shout out

I realized this morning that I owe a certain website my appreciation. The administrators of the site have allowed me to post on their forum with my blatantly desperate website address on the bottom of my posts. I know it’s a somewhat futile attempt to gather more readers but I gotta get my voice out there somehow. (more…)


Before I call it a day (yes, I’m a wimp…but it’s Monday for crying out loud!!! I say that, but honestly, I hate Tuesdays the most…whole other blog…) I want to share with you two podcasts I listen to that regard the iPhone:


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