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Extra! Extra!

A few days ago, Grandma was asked by her bridge party to create a monthly newsletter. Cheryl, the president of the bridge party, had asked that I keep an eye on what Grandma was writing about, and that I proofread her work. I gladly accepted the parental duties and secretly read what she had written in her notebook late at night, after she had gone to bed.


Hey Wassup?!

Hey Nathum, what’s going on?! How ya been?! I ran into your mom the other day at the grocery store. She said she was picking up some over the counter medicine for your penisifus infection (was she being cute or serious? What is penisifus?!). I hope that shit clears up soon man, sorry to hear about that. I said to myself, “DAMN Nathum’s mom is HOT!” and then I realized that’s your dad’s new girlfriend. So I must say, “DAMN Nathum’s stepmom is HOT!”. How many times do you “accidentally” walk in on her in the shower? Be honest, man, you can tell me. LOL! Speaking of hot, how’s your sister? Did she ever call it quits with Derek? I’m single BTW….let her know! Bro’s before Ho’s as they say. You ever run into Greg? I wonder how he’s doing? Rumor has it Greg is now Gina…isn’t that some crazy shit?!! Well, anyways, thanks for visiting my website. I appreciate the fact that you come here at least once a month. Call me some time and we’ll go grab some beers!! Peace out bro!!

Alright, to the best of my knowledge, more than one person checks out this site every now and then. The above paragraph is me being silly. Who would name their kid Nathum anyways?! To see how many people enjoy reading my little nuggets of chocolatey goodness I use Google Analytics. It’s pretty useful and at times, depressing. I told you not ONE person from North Dakota has been here, didn’t I? Google has an app that does the same thing called Google Analytics (iTunes) That isn’t the exact name of the app but I’m not going to type it all out for you. Just click on the link…it’s horribly long. If you have a website and use Google Analytics, the app works just as well. There’s also a free version to check out if you don’t have any money.

AppAttack :D

Hey!! You Developer!!


The biggest fuss right now in the world of apps is “promo codes”. Websites toss’em out like zoo’s toss out koala bears (alright…zoos don’t hand out any animal that I’m aware of. I wish they did. I’d like a cheetah…can you imagine walking around with a cheetah?! You could put sunglasses on him and the neighborhood kids would think you’re the shit). My new idea is that if you’re a developer (and of course if you want to) send me a promo code. If you’ve been reading my posts, you know that I’d rather buy your app and support it if you’re an “underdog” than for you to just give me something you’ve worked hard on. In return, I’ll use your app as a source of inspiration for my Nobel Prize worthy reflections on life. I’ll also offer the promo code to one of my 12 readers so that they’ll continue donating to all of the sponsors on this site. Kinda like how I pay my friends in beers to hangout with me. Peachy?

Spontaneous Clicker


I’ve told you many times that I think I have ADD. So much so, that I’ve diagnosed myself with having it, not seeing any doctor or anything like that…I simply decided one day to tell myself that I have ADD. At first I was shocked and then I began wondering how rock candy was made and forgot about the whole thing.



Attention Developers!

If you have created an iPhone Application and would like me to review it, please send me an email. I’ll gladly buy your App and give it a review. The ONLY expense you’ll pay is my honest review :) . (Or, if you’d like for me to give you personal feedback via private emails, I will be glad to do so as well). I downloaded the SDK myself, in hopes of developing the App of my dreams and it all went down the crapper. I understand how hard programming can be so I’ll be nice.

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