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Truco anyone? Please?

Truco is a very well made card game. The cards themselves look great, the movement of them is finely tuned and there’s even a scary sounding man that talks to you when you’re playing.



*insert Butthead laugh.


Have you ever seen a family member use a computer mouse for the 1st time? Where they knock all your favorite Family Guy toys off your desk? Or maybe spill that cup of coffee you just poured over all those papers you just printed for tomorrow’s big presentation at the cheese factory?


First Aid


I’ve seen a lot of First Aid apps coming out recently. Apparently many of you are purchasing them so I thought I’d give my take on a recent purchase.


All Apologies

If you have Koi Pond please read the following message before updating!!




It’s Friday!! And everyone loves Friday. Except Paul…you son of a bitch. We all love the weekends so I’m going to give you something special each Friday. Let me explain…


Where I live, we see armadillos ALL the time. Sure, they’re on the highway but we still see’em. Nasty little things…they have HAIR on them people! They’re not ALL made up of a cool armored skin that can stop bullets. These creatures have hair. Plus their noses are long and sorta funny looking. But I’ll give’em credit, they can roll up into a ball and just zip up and down the street like nobodies business. Just like in the recently released game Armado


Super(?) Monkey Ball

What?! Monkey Ball’s been in the store since it first opened?! Why review it?! I know, I know, I know…BUT there’s a few potential suckas out there that may have bought an iPhone and are thirsty for this game. And to them I say, with sincere love, HELL NO! This game bites. (more…)


If you haven’t noticed already, I’m a nerd. I’ve always been a nerd. Who EVER enjoyed P.E? I didn’t. And I didn’t (still don’t) like sports. The only sports I played growing up were on my Gameboy. And I was the star athlete, hookin’ up with all the hot cheerleaders (in my head, I know). (more…)

Tambourine Man

Remember…remember that time? Hahaha!! DUDE! Remember that time we were all like, REALLY drunk at Greg’s place? And you were all like, “Bro I’m gonna get me a harmonica…and I’m gonna learn how to PLAY IT!!”. Haha!! Remember? And you NEVER did!! MAN that was hilarious. (more…)

Quick Look: Guitar Rock Tour

OK…this review is for those late night people with a (drunken?) itchy “click” finger. I haven’t had time to really get into the game of Guitar Rock Tour to give it my full review. So far, the game is VERY much like Guitar Hero. You can play solo songs (Quick Play) or start a tour and move up from there. A few songs are readily available, the rest you must unlock through stage progression. It has animated backgrounds, a full guitar fret board (correct me if I’m wrong here…I don’t play guitar), plus the “get the crowd going” note playing. If you like Guitar Hero, you’ll love this game. It really is a clone of the GH series. (more…)

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